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This is a project to record all of the solo guitar works of the British composer Denis ApIvor (1916 - 2004) in collaboration with Mark Marrington at Leeds University for their Special Collections Archive. We started with his last solo guitar piece Nocturne Op 78 from 1984 and will record next one of his earliest solo pieces Variations Op 29 from 1958. The works will eventually be released as a complete recording but the individual pieces will be available for download as they are completed. The engineer is Mark Rogers with whom I have worked extensively in the last few years and who is part of the team at DML my publishing company.

We have now completed Variations Op 29 (1958) and Nocturne Op 78 (1984) and both have been uploaded to my YouTube Channel along with the video we made of Saeta Op 53 (1975) filmed in Granada in 1984 it was made to go with my first classical guitar album Daybreak (1983). The soundtrack of the video is sadly only in mono, technological limitations of the day, but the original digital stereo recording is available for download on iTunes, and most of the other outlets, under the original album title Daybreak.

If you click on the picture of Denis ApIvor it should take you to the playlist on TouTube.

The Special Collections archive at Leeds University is currently undergoing renovation and will not be available for a while.

This link is a pdf file that can be read or downloaded written by Mark Marrington concerning his work on both the music and the biographical material -

Summary of Special Collections ApIvor project with reference to classical guitar